Hi Guys, 

 Following my fancy dress win at Steel City DH (2013!) I may have broken a world record for the longest time taken to build a frame up. As the prize was an unexpected new project it took me quite a while to get the component together and it seemed such a shame to finish it during the winter slop, when I tend to ride my single speed Jackflash anyway. As Steel City DH 2014 approached I was guilt tripped into pulling my finger out and spinning the allen keys for the aniversary. I've  attached a couple of shots of my new pride and joy for the cotic.cc site. Its quite a simpe build; full SLX everything, Recons and a bit of colour coding. It really does ride beautifuly. Very lively and confidence inspiring. 

Thanks ever so much for awarding me the frame for my efforts last year. All scratch builds are unique but mine has a wonderful story that's great to share. #ProudasPunch