Innerleithen Soul

From: Alex

Date: 7 March 2016 at 18:25

Subject: Cotic Soul

Hi everyone

Not sure if this is the correct format in which to do this but I really feel the need to let you know how happy I am with my bike, I bought a cotic soul 27.5 in July and have been loving it ever since I've ridden it loads of different places and met loads of new people with my soul and really feel it's a head turner so thought I'd drop you a pic of her at the top of Innerleithen in Scotland I'm sure you will agree! yeah it's got a few scuffs now but that's what bikes are for. Thanks again to everyone at Cotic really love what you guys do!



Neil's BRG Soul build

From: Neil

Date: 27 February 2016 at 12:54

Subject: Soul Build

Hi Paul,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the help and advice when I was deliberating over the new bike.

I finished building it last night and took it out for its maiden voyage this morning, taking in a good mix of climbs, flowing singletrack and techy descents. I'm really pleased with it - glad I went for the small. It's slightly roomier than my Nomad C, feels like a nice position to spend a good few miles in. It's the perfect size for me, I reckon. It rips along on the flat and certainly isn't shy going down hill. Dead chuffed with it.

Here's a couple of pics and a spec, feel free to use them as you see fit :)

Cotic Soul 27.5" Small

Rockshox Pike fork with modified air piston shaft to give 140mm travel

Easton Arc 27.5" rims with 30mm internal width

DT Comp spokes, DT alloy nipples

Hope Pro 2 hubs

Maxxis Shorty tyres, 2.3" width, 3C Exxo TR run tubless

Shimano XT 1x11 transmission, 11-42T cassette, 30T ring, 175mm cranks, GS cage mech

Hope X2 brakes, 183mm discs front and rear

Rockshox Reverb 125mm dropper post

Specialized Henge saddle

Easton Havoc bars, uncut

Thompson 50mm stem

Hope Grips

Thanks Again! 


Adam has Soul

From: Adam 

Date: 10 May 2015 at 20:58

Subject: 275

To: Paul Dexter <>

Dear Paul,

Took my soul up to Afan this weekend to break her in.  Epic riding!  Absolutely loved it. Just as springy and fun as all the hype say the frame is...  Thought you'd want to see the pic.  

Chris' new Soul 275

From: Chris

Date: 18 December 2014 at 11:04

Subject: New build soul 27.5


Hi guy's just built up my new Soul 27.5, amazing bike couldn't be happier!! Keep up the good work and may consider swapping the ibis for the rocket when thing's get sorted..


Soul at Lake Mtn in Victoria

From: Steven

Date: 13 December 2014 at 08:10

Subject: Soul

To: "


Thought I should send you a photo of my new Soul 26" as I'm so happy with it.

Im an English man living in Australia, so when I retired my 1997 Giant ATX 890 and was looking for a new hard tail I new it had to be English and 26". After emailing Tom I ended up with an orange Soul which I'm loving. Attached is a crapy phone photo of my Soul taken up at Lake Mtn in Victoria. Thanks for keep 26" and steel alive.

Regards Steve

Alpine Soul

From: Hendrik

Date: 5 July 2013 15:08

Subject: Alpine Soul


Hi Paul,

 don't want to spam you with pics of my old Soul, but still wanted to share these from recent Pass'Portes du Soleil event in France/Switzerland.

[and you don't "have to" publish them on ;-) ]

The tag "No matter what you throw at it - it will cope!" is well deserved. The bike didn't let me down and very rarely felt overwhelmed by what the Alps had to throw at it (running 120mm), while it's tremendous fun on local singletracks (running 100mm) and agile enough for the pump-track.  :-)

Many thanks for this great bike!


Bristol Racing

From: Brian

Date: 24 June 2013 12:53

Subject: Readers rides ..


I've been enjoying the photos posted online and thought I'd bung a couple of photos your way  

These were taken at races in Bristol. At the latest of these, I was crawling round on a late lap, only to be passed by a ridiculously chirpy Kate from AQR aboard her Soda.

It was nice to have a brief exchange on the climb out of the woods; her parting words as she stormed away from me on the top path were "nice bike".

She's right of course, they are nice and Cotic have supplied the frames I've been riding at our local races in Bristol over the last 5 years. Results have been great - I managed to claw a 4th place as a veteran in the latest 6 hour - and have had some great (mixed pairs) results over recent years with Hanneke and Kath helping nab 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

Of course the joy of a bike like the Soul (or my Simple) is that I can hitch the dog trailer to the same bike that I raced and use it to trundle home afterwards - much to the amusement of fellow racers. 

In the week after, we can meet up again and hack around the rockiest and steepest of local trails  - something I'd be less inclined to do on a precious, race-only 'wonder bike'.

I'm not really a race-head - I just enjoy racing as part of the wider world of cycling and am seriously impressed at the breadth of riding that the Cotic stable of bikes have proven capable of.

Keep up the good work,

Brian "BHB"