Ian's Escapade Build

From: IAN

Subject: My Escapade Build

Date: 2 July 2016 18:47:17 BST

To: richard@cotic.co.uk

Hi Richard,

It's me, the fussiest customer you ever met, remember ; )

Well, the frame was so accurately finished I didn't need to face the head tube or BB! Very pleased. 

Here are some pics, sorry, I'm not much of a photographer. 

I built my Escapade with Hope 4 hubs with Sapim race hand polished (by me) spokes and Hope Tech XC rims. Challenge Gravel Grinder tyres. 

The groupset is Ultegra with hydro disc brakes. I always use a King headset and the finishing kit is Zipp Service Course SL. I fancy a Brooks Cambium saddle.., the one fitted is from my road bike. 

I absolutely love the way it rides. Super comfortable on and off road. 

For a comfy steel frame it's not at all whippy when climbing / sprinting either. Everything was so easy to fit too.. Headset and BB went in a treat and the accuracy of the frame being 'in line' exemplary. One of the best I've ever built for wheel being perfectly centred and in line. I've had really expensive frames in the past that are terrible in that department. 

Please feel free to 'quite' me. 

Thanks again for your supreme patience with me when I visited your workshop. 

Say hello to the boss for me : )

All the best,



Winter Escapade

On 6 March 2016 at 18:14, Andrew wrote:

Hi Paul, 

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm loving the Escapade you sold me. It's the most comfortable road bike I've ridden and really quick too. Definitely a do it all bike even in the snow. It's certainly inspiring me to get out and train for my coast to coast trip in May. Here's a picture of the Escapade near high flats on the trans pennine trail. 

Snow Escapade

From: Gavin

Date: 17 January 2016 at 22:03

Subject: Snow Escapade


I thought you might appreciate the attached shot of my Escapade doing what it does best at the weekend.

This is near the top of Longridge Fell in the Ribble Valley near Preston, taking advantage of a morning of snow. I had three mountain bikers and a walker all say the same thing: "you're brave to be riding this on a 'cross bike" but it seems to handle rides like this easily. Stable but quick on sketchy, icy roads and relaxed enough to deal with the fire roads and bits of singletrack. Just a great bike to go and play in the snow!

Hope you have a great and successful 2016.


David's Autumn Escapade

From: David

Date: 2 November 2015 at 12:51

Subject: Autumn Cotic

Hi Paul, thought you and guys at Cotic might like to see a splash of colour from sunny Northern Ireland. Keep up the good work. David Gamble

Stanage Escapade

From: Gavin

Subject: escapade build

To: info@cotic.co.uk

Hey Guys!

I finally got my escapade built up, and got out on a shake down ride (quite literally on top of Stanage!). Thought you might like to see the result. I think the yellow with the black groupset & finishing kit looks awesome!



Escapade called Beastie Boy

From: Jennie

Date: 25 November 2014 at 09:32

Subject: Escapade called Beastie Boy...

To: paul@cotic.co.uk

Hi Paul,

Hope you're keeping warm on this chilly morning.

Thought you'd like to see a pic of my built-up Escapade taken in the beautiful Bushy Park this morning and a few of the shots I got.



Walney to Whitby Escapade

From: Andrew

Date: 16 September 2014 17:25

Subject: Escapade on an Escapade

Hi Paul,

As promised, some photos of my Escapade on our recent Walney to Whitby ride.

I've scribbled a few words below in case you want something to accompany the pictures.



I wanted a new everything bike, particularly for touring, and the Escapade seemed to fit the bill nicely, especially as it came from a UK company based closed to where I live in the Peak District. Paul at Cotic provided great advice on sizing and were very helpful in getting the bike built up. I decided to go for the Hope wheels option but after doing a passable impersonation of a man wrestling a gorilla trying to fit tubed tyres to rims designed for tubeless tyres, I admitted defeat and Cotic came to the rescue by swapping the Hopes for their excellent own brand wheels - thanks to Cy and Richard at Cotic for doing this with no fuss or bother!

After some experimenting, I swapped the standard Sora 50/34 for a Middleburn 46/30 chainset which works well with the Sora front mech, and gives the low gears I wanted for loaded touring - thanks to Mark Anthony Cycles in Buxton for sorting out the minor chainline issues in time for my first trip.

The first escapade for the Escapade was on the Sustrans Walney to Whitby coast to coast route. My wife and I took the train from home to Barrow-in Furness then had overnight stops at Ulverston, Tebay, Barnard Castle, Great Ayton, and Whitby. We then rode the lovely coastal cycle path to Scarborough and returned home by train. A great car-free few days. Great scenery, great weather and great bike - the Escapade performed faultlessly and comfortably, and the low gears came in very handy as I was carrying luggage for two! I'm really pleased with the Escapade, it has a lovely steel feel and handles nicely - the only way to possibly improve it would be to build it in Reynolds 853 or 953 to reduce the weight a little!

FGCX Escapade

From: Sami

Date: 15 November 2014 23:08

Subject: Escapade build (photos)

To: info@cotic.co.uk


Greetings from Oulu, Finland, the winter cycling capital of the world! While were waiting for the proper winter to come upon us, thought I’d send you a photo and a line or two of the FGCX Escapade I built some 4 months ago. Haven’t changed much since, apart from the tires and a slightly shorter stem. Matching rear wheel is still waiting to be trued, guess I’ve been too busy having fun with this ;) Great work on the frame guys!


Hi Paul

Maybe it is intersting for you, what people build with the frames of yours. So I send you a picture of the Escapade I just finished. First small test drive was already great. 

I did not go for the Alfine Di. I built in a Rohloff with OEM2 axle plate and monkeybone. Seems to work fine.

Therefore I named the bike Escapadoff.

Great frame, thanks a lot.

Have a nice week end, and don't forget to rock'n'roll.

Best regards and sunny greetings from Bavaria