Tom's BFe

From: Tom

Date: 23 June 2014 15:41

Subject: My BFE

To: ""

Hi folks,

My names Tom recently Paul invited me to your workshop/dispatch unit in the peaks to collect my new frame a shiny new green BFE in large after some sound advise from Paul. After a chat and a brew i promised i would send in some photos and build list of my new steed well this morning i completed the bike (quicker than expected) and as promised here she is.

Frame COTIC BFE large

Fork Rockshox revelations 140mm

BB Hope SS

Seat clamp Hope

Headset Hope with Hope spacers

Cranks Shimano Deore XT

Pedals Nukeproof neutron

Seatpost Nukeproof Warhead

Stem Nukeproof Warhead 60mm

Bars Renthal Fatbar 20mm Rise 740mm width

Grips Hope

Brakes Avid Elixir R's

Shifter 1x10 Saint 

Chainring  Hope Narrow wide 34t

Cassette Shimano XT with Hope 40T-REX

Chain Shimano XT

Wheels Stans Flow ex on Hope pro II hubs

Tyres Hans Dampf front Nobby Nic rear

Saddle Charge spoon

Mech Shimano XTR shadow

This bike is more than perfect it rides beautifully 19" was the right size for me (i did have my doubts when building it) it climbs like nothing I've rode before and is very agile LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

 Big thanks to cotic and to Paul in particular its guna be a good summer

Another german BFe addict

Hey Guys,

 I just wanted to give you feedback on that thing you build and express my

hartfelt thanks. 

I'm riding my BFe since nearly two years now. It's my one for all bike.

Although I'm riding 80% locale trails, which are pretty technical, the BFe

must carry me on Downhilltracks, gnarly Trails, Dirtparks, Canarian Islands,

Pumptracks and even sometimes to the ice cream parlor, which surly is 

the hardest job to do! It doesn't matter which conditions - Snowy, Sunny,

Rainy, Misty, Muddy, the BFe calls me:  "let's get out and play!!!!" I'm a 

heavy guy but "in steel  I trust" and my bike  gives  me confidence  t o do all 

I'm thinking off and even more. I left the 40 behind and I wonder who will be

first to strikes his colors, the BFe or me. (pretty sure it will not be the BFe)


 But the most important thing is: It's looking so f**king awesome ;-)


People say "A Picture says more than thousend words":

Attached you have a part of the long story. 




Hi Guys, 

 Following my fancy dress win at Steel City DH (2013!) I may have broken a world record for the longest time taken to build a frame up. As the prize was an unexpected new project it took me quite a while to get the component together and it seemed such a shame to finish it during the winter slop, when I tend to ride my single speed Jackflash anyway. As Steel City DH 2014 approached I was guilt tripped into pulling my finger out and spinning the allen keys for the aniversary. I've  attached a couple of shots of my new pride and joy for the site. Its quite a simpe build; full SLX everything, Recons and a bit of colour coding. It really does ride beautifuly. Very lively and confidence inspiring. 

Thanks ever so much for awarding me the frame for my efforts last year. All scratch builds are unique but mine has a wonderful story that's great to share. #ProudasPunch

A proud BFe owner

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From: Ben

Date: 17 February 2014 22:29

Hi Paul,

Finally got the BFe built up after having some issues with the fork. I saw lots of people have sent you shots of their Cotics so thought you might like some pictures of my new favourite thing to do with as you please.

First ride on Saturday, absolutely love it. Thanks for your help leading up to me ordering and good luck with the new product launches this year.


Team blue cotic!

From: Calum

Date: 30 January 2014 18:59

Subject: Team blue cotic!

Hey up, thought I’d share this pic from yesterday of me (with the solaris) and my mate Ewan (with the bfe) up on parka moor in the lakes.  

Rocket and BFe - just great!

From: Veronika

Date: 19 June 2013 13:23

Subject: Rocket and BFe - just great!


Hi Cotic Folks,

I just wanted to say thank you for creating such wonderful frames as the Rocket and the BFe and send you some photos of what these bikes have already seen together with their happy rider.

It all started off for me with the search for a new fullsuspension frame. After a lot of poring over geometry charts and specifications I ended up with the Cotic Rocket, because it seemed to fulfill all my wishes and needs:

- not too low bottom bracket

- progressive frame rate

- short and straight seattube to allow me to use a conventional seatpost and lower it all the way

- relatively long top tube for using an ultrashort 35mm stem and nevertheless maintaining a comfortable riding position

- short chainstays

- slack but not too slack headangle

- steep seatangle

- durable & not too heavy

I ordered the frame "blindly" and was surprised that it performed even better than I ever thought it would. Never had such a coltish fullsuspension frame. This bike seems to crave for playing with the trail all the time, it takes away the toughest bumps, yet gives enough response from the surface, and with the flick of a finger it is in the air. And last but not least, it just looks good ;-)

My Rocket has been a faithful companion during 19 days of technical trail-riding on Gran Canaria over the Christmas holidays, has given me a lot of pleasure on our local trails here in Germany (Pfaelzerwald, Taunus and Odenwald), and has lately accompanied me to some highly technical trails in the French Vosges. Just loving it big time!

After I had been so much surprised by the Rocket, it got just obvious to me, that I also needed to try your heavy-duty hardtail, the BFe. I got it in April, rode it once on our hometrails with a big grin on my face, and one week later it was packed up in a bike bag flying with me to Spain for two weeks of tackling trails in the Sierra Nevada.

Now I have one severe problem: which one of my Cotic bikes do I love better? ;-) 

Honestly, I can't tell. They are both wonderful, each in it's own way.

I've been watching my riding skills improve quite a bit in the last few month, and  probably those bikes are not the last reason for that.

Hope you like my pics. Those are not "manmade" trailparks, but gnarly "natural" hiking trails, which is what I like best.

Thank you, guys!

Cheers from Germany,


BFe - great stuff!

From: Tom

Date: 11 June 2013 22:33

Subject: BFe - great stuff!


Hi Cy and Paul

Just wanted to send a couple pics of my *finally* completed BFe. I'm really pleased with it - got a bit excited on the maiden voyage and crashed twice...the bikes fine, but the rider got a little bashed...I was astounded how well it held up to a bruising - Beefy indeed!  

Thanks Paul for fantastic service - always quick  and helpful responses to my emails even when my questions had blindingly obvious answers....


Scottish BFe

From: Richard

Date: 4 June 2013 12:37

Subject: My BFe

To: Paul Dexter <>

Hello there lovely Cotic Folk,

After buying a new BFe from you guys back in January I've been having a lot of fun. Your advice and help pre purchase meant I had the perfect bike & I haven't looked back! I've had more fun than I can put into words, so I've included a few photos. As you'll see after the "proud father" super shiny and unridden photos, I quickly got out on the BFe and started enjoying it. Sure footed and very manoeuvrable I found my skills and technique quickly progress. 

This probably culminated last week when my girlfriend and I took a week off to enjoy all that TweedLove (a biking festival just down the road) had to offer: Sat & Sun the BFe and I entered our first ever Enduro. Monday we went on a massive XC ride in apocalyptic weather conditions. Tuesday we rested. Wednesday, up north to Fort William Red Track. Thursday a technical highland XC route and friday I entered my first dual slalom. I only did this so I could get a go on the course and didn't expect to even qualify. However, as luck would have it I ended getting down to the final 5, technically going out after some guy called Josh Lewis... Though I have to admit this was more about luck than skill!!

Thanks again for a great bike,



From: Adrian

Date: 29 April 2013 19:15

The bike has been working out great. She saw road, XC, DH and dirt jumps all within one weekend.

I was thinking that the differences between it and my previous frame (Large NS Surge) would be subtle, but they are not. This thing rips singletrack, jumps and manuals like crazy and is even comfy on my commute to work.

I've taken it to our indoor park ( and I can get it through the big set just as easy as a full blown dj bike. I can't wait to get it to the Slalom Track in Bend, Oregon.

Thank you guys a ton.