Scottish BFe

From: Richard

Date: 4 June 2013 12:37

Subject: My BFe

To: Paul Dexter <>

Hello there lovely Cotic Folk,

After buying a new BFe from you guys back in January I've been having a lot of fun. Your advice and help pre purchase meant I had the perfect bike & I haven't looked back! I've had more fun than I can put into words, so I've included a few photos. As you'll see after the "proud father" super shiny and unridden photos, I quickly got out on the BFe and started enjoying it. Sure footed and very manoeuvrable I found my skills and technique quickly progress. 

This probably culminated last week when my girlfriend and I took a week off to enjoy all that TweedLove (a biking festival just down the road) had to offer: Sat & Sun the BFe and I entered our first ever Enduro. Monday we went on a massive XC ride in apocalyptic weather conditions. Tuesday we rested. Wednesday, up north to Fort William Red Track. Thursday a technical highland XC route and friday I entered my first dual slalom. I only did this so I could get a go on the course and didn't expect to even qualify. However, as luck would have it I ended getting down to the final 5, technically going out after some guy called Josh Lewis... Though I have to admit this was more about luck than skill!!

Thanks again for a great bike,