From: Dave
Date: 3 April 2012 14:55
Subject: My Simple

Hi I've Had my Cotic Simple for 3 years now and it is the best bike I have ever had rides so smooth takes everything in its stride from single track to big mountains its amazing. Just thought i'd share this with you.

Sam's Solaris

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From: Sam
Date: 24 February 2012 17:14
Subject: My Solaris

My Solaris!!.. really pleased with it, its already been on a few missions around the lake district. I've just ordered a shorter stem and about to order wider bars for it! so not 100% complete but still love it!. I also have a soul and I'm in the middle of deciding what color to re-paint it.

Hope you guys like it,



Wadi Musa Desert

From: Duncan Hallas
Date: 5 January 2012 12:37

Here's a shot of my Cotic in Jordan Xmas 2011, crossing the Wadi Musa Desert…






Ilan's Desert Soul

From: ilan
Date: 15 December 2011 12:09
Subject: pics from ilan

its been 3 months or so that i have my soul here in tel aviv, israel. ive already did light all mountain riding on it at my local trails, 65 km endurance race at the golan mountains(the finish was a long downhill to the Galilee sea..) 23 km xc race at the desert(south of the dead sea) and last week a proper desert ride- from the south of jerusalem to the dead sea. all bolders, rocks, and knives(narrow singles on the side of a mountain..if you lose your balance its along way down..)
well- i love it. it does everything, and with great style and finesse. i think im the only one in the country with a cotic, so it sure turns lots of heads.
since ive got it my full suspension bike(morewood mbuzi-6' travel) dont get any daylight...
here are some pics- im sure you have never seen the soul modeling at the desert..

best regards

My BFe

From: Luke
Date: 7 December 2011 20:31
Subject: My BFe
To: Paul Dexter <>

Hi Paul,
       Hope all is well and sorry for the random phone call yesterday! Was absolutely over the moon after that ride. Still has me buzzing now :) . As we said I have attached some photos to show you to see the final build!

After a tear up in the woods.

Spec as follows:

Cotic BFe frame in large
2012 Rockshox Revalation RLT 150mm travel w/15mm maxle
60mm Ragley stem
710mm wide Ragley bar
Hope headset
Drivetrain: 2x9
XT shifters
XT rear mech
XT cassette and chain
SLX double with bash cranks and SLX B/B
SLX double front mech to suit
SLX M666 brakes on XT RT76 discs - 203mm front , 180mm rear
Hope Pro 2 Evo wheelset on DT Swiss EX500 rims
Specialized Purgatory 2.2 front tyre
Specialized Ground control 2.0 rear
Specialized Henge saddle w/Ti Rails
Ragley seatpost

Weight wise, i didn't really know what to expect, I was aiming for 29-30lbs, anything under a bonus for the type of build. Weighed in at just over 27lbs. Very happy!

think i have covered it all! as said on the phone, rides absolutely AMAZING, climbs well and decends like Villain! handling is tight, feels so compliant. Again, thanks for all your help Paul, service has been flawless.

definitely a COTIC fan now!

all the best.


P.S excuse the poor quality headset spacers and such high stack! i am going to reduce it to 20mm under the stem! just seeing how it feels and is for sure too high!

cotic x pics from 3 peaks

From: Jim Savege
Date: 2 October 2011 23:28
Subject: cotic x pics from 3 peaks


Here are a couple of pics from the 3 peaks the other weekend. Honest it is an ‘X’ under all of that mud! Bike was spot on – just right for the ride. If I get any more pics I’ll send em across.


Simple in BC

From: Floyd
Date: 19 September 2011 08:43
Subject: Re: simple
To: Paul Dexter <>

Hey Paul,

Just wanted to shoot you an email to say thanks for everything with the Simple. I got it built up and have been out for a couple of rides already. Super stoked, it's an awesome feeling to be on such a lively frame. Attached are a couple of pics of this Simple in its new home.


Vancouver BC

Light Soul build in France

On 10 August 2011 21:01, GBVIP37 wrote:
The Soul, complete assembly weighed in at 9550 grams, but I want the  baptized with English beer with friends, what beers do you recommend and that fits with the image of Cotic?
Thank you for everything

More from Saalbach

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Date: 19 July 2011 19:12

Dear Cy, dear Paul and all the others at cotic,

I just read Eric's post. Maybe you can put mine alos on posterous. So I
wanted to share a picture of my soul (L) with you. This has been taken on
a ride an the ridge between Saalbach and Leogang (Eric you are familiar
with that region, which is my second home. I also own a small business in
a wine growing region (the Wachau) and whenever I can get away for one or
two days I ride with my friends in the Salzburger Land around Zell am

Th soul is just a blast to ride and I usually need to wait for my buddies
after a long uphill and also downhill and they all ride some All-Mountain
or Freeride bikes ;).

Whenever you are in the eastern part of Austria you are cordially invited.




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From: Michael Holland
Date: 19 July 2011 14:03
Subject: Proof
To: Cy Turner

Picture one year old, not much changed though... Ck, RaceFace, Hope...
Classic. Love it :)