From: decooman
Date: 2 May 2010 18:41
Subject: photo kate houffalize

Hello Kate,

Nice race today, see file with Photo.


Kind regards
Bart De Cooman


what a bike !

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From: Alex Martin
Date: 28 April 2010 13:39
Subject: what a bike !
To: info@cotic.co.uk

Hy guys,

  have just finished building up this lovely soul,

  have been waiting ages to get all the bits together,

  hope you approve ! built it on the racy side,

  took it to Wyre forest for some singletrack testing last sunday, ive ridden a few bikes but this is the most fun ive had in years,
so quick so nimble, Its infectiouse, it encourages me to ride too fast, faster than I realy should ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !

  so ! thank you to all at cotic for making such great bikes, its a blast to ride them !

  cant wait to ride it at enduro 6 this weekend.

  thanks again for all the sizing advice you were so very right.


  Alex Martin
 (one very proud Soul owner)

Newsletter : Summer Tyres and Dusty Trails

Dear Kelvin,

Af'noon.  Hope you had a good weekend.  Didn't make it to Dalby for the World Cup in the end, which was a shame, but I caught the web coverage.  Unfortunately for the home team, Kate still wasn't over her cold and ended up having to stop after 3 laps.  She's in bits today, poor love, but we've all told her to rest up and have another go in Belgium this coming weekend.  Hopefully she'll be better by then.  She's going to have a blog up in a couple of days.  If you don't follow Kate (or indeed Robbie's) blogs, they're a great read for some down-to-earth views on what it's like to race bikes these days.

Kate Potter's Pro Rider Blog
Robbie Rickman's Pro Rider Blog

Anyhow, I was jumping between bikes last week because of playing component chess on the demo fleet (which includes my own bikes), and I was suddenly reminded now the trails are dry and hard quite how much of a difference fast tyres can make in these conditions.  One of my bikes was still running the trusty Swampthing front, Hi Roller rear from through the winter, but jumping onto another bike with a CrossMark out back and a 2.35" Minnion on the front to keep it pinned was something of a revelation in terms of easy speed and even better grip. 

It's pretty easy to just leave some nice all rounders on the bike, and being busy people it's even easier to leave your winter tyres on a bit longer than is probably necessary when you just want to get out and ride.  Seriously though, if you have some faster tyres in the shed now is the time to spend 15 mins swapping them.  If you have no idea what I'm bleeding on about, get yourself down to your local shop and buy something fast now!  You don't know what you're missing.  I'm a particular fan of a pretty fast rear tyres, with something a bit grippier up front.  It's amazing what you can get away with.  You don't even have to give up the volume - my CrossMark is 2.25", and the new Bontrager XR2 are ace and come in a massive 2.35".  If you're not convinced, borrow some off a mate, but do try it.  The trails are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO buff and fast at the moment, you should really make the most of it.

Following on from last week, we now have our new Geared RoadRats from stock at £799 with Shimano V-Brakes, or £909 with Magura Julie discs.  I even took some pictures ;-)

Roadrat Geared - with pictures!

Email me or call now to reserve yours, or order with your dealer. 

We've also still got a couple of pairs of Magura Menja 100 forks left at just £350, delivered to your door. 

Email me back if you want a pair.....

Finally, those of your waiting on BFe and Soul frames, the ship arrives with us next week, a week later than we hoped, but definitely arriving.  We'll be shipping frames to people throughout the week and into the week after.  We'll have your frame to you by 14th May at the latest.  Sorry again about this, but as I said, these are all completely firm dates now.  The ship is arriving next week, we will be dispatching as soon as possible after that. 

Following that clear out of the back orders, we'll have Soul and BFe frames available from stock for the rest of the year, and we're also re-stocking on Sodas in August, so we're hopefully on top of the supply problems we've had for the last few months and will be able to help the moment you feel the need for Cotic frame from now on.

07970 853531

Newsletter : Dales Demo

Hope you had a good Easter. I had a few days off and did some nice riding up in Calderdale. Some proper slithery trails, but the weather was nice to us when we were actually out riding.  Interestingly, I really enjoyed riding slidey trails on summer-ish tyres. Been running a Swampthing all winter and it's clearly made me lazy, knowing I can pin the brake on any time.  Less grippy tyres and slippy conditions had me consciously staying off the brakes and flowing the trail more.  'Twas good for me.  People can get awfully stressed about tyre choice.  I was reminded this weekend that sometimes it's better just to get on and ride. 

Anyway, the main reason I'm dropping you a line is that the first of our demos is coming up.  We're going to be at our dealer Dales Bike Centre on Sunday the 18th April for some lovely Big Hills (tm) demo action.  Very civilised organisation by Stu and the guys up there, with three proper rides during the day to get a proper idea about what Cotic bikes are all about. 

We're taking a medium and large Soul, a small BFe, and a small and large Hemlock.  Dales have medium and large Souls too, so we'll have plenty of bikes for people.  I'll also be bringing a Roadrat for people to look at if I can fit it in, and I'll definitely be joining at least one of the demo rides, as I've been somewhat remiss in never having ridden in this brilliant part of the country before. 

You'll need to register with Dales Bike Centre, so here are the contact details:

Dales Bike Centre

Tel: 01748 884908

Email: enquiries@dalesmountainbiking.co.uk



Hopefully I'll see you there.


07970 853531


Got Soul

Date: 11 March 2010 19:39
Subject: Pic


Ben Chapman from Moore's Cycles here,

Thought you might like this pic taken yesterday of me on my beloved Soul: