Ian's Escapade Build

From: IAN

Subject: My Escapade Build

Date: 2 July 2016 18:47:17 BST

To: richard@cotic.co.uk

Hi Richard,

It's me, the fussiest customer you ever met, remember ; )

Well, the frame was so accurately finished I didn't need to face the head tube or BB! Very pleased. 

Here are some pics, sorry, I'm not much of a photographer. 

I built my Escapade with Hope 4 hubs with Sapim race hand polished (by me) spokes and Hope Tech XC rims. Challenge Gravel Grinder tyres. 

The groupset is Ultegra with hydro disc brakes. I always use a King headset and the finishing kit is Zipp Service Course SL. I fancy a Brooks Cambium saddle.., the one fitted is from my road bike. 

I absolutely love the way it rides. Super comfortable on and off road. 

For a comfy steel frame it's not at all whippy when climbing / sprinting either. Everything was so easy to fit too.. Headset and BB went in a treat and the accuracy of the frame being 'in line' exemplary. One of the best I've ever built for wheel being perfectly centred and in line. I've had really expensive frames in the past that are terrible in that department. 

Please feel free to 'quite' me. 

Thanks again for your supreme patience with me when I visited your workshop. 

Say hello to the boss for me : )

All the best,