FGCX Escapade

From: Sami

Date: 15 November 2014 23:08

Subject: Escapade build (photos)

To: info@cotic.co.uk


Greetings from Oulu, Finland, the winter cycling capital of the world! While were waiting for the proper winter to come upon us, thought I’d send you a photo and a line or two of the FGCX Escapade I built some 4 months ago. Haven’t changed much since, apart from the tires and a slightly shorter stem. Matching rear wheel is still waiting to be trued, guess I’ve been too busy having fun with this ;) Great work on the frame guys!

2 responses
Nice bike - I was a bit puzzled by what I have come to think is a reflector where the seatpost meets the frame.
This Escapade is beautifull. Build is about the same as I have planned for later this year. What gear are you running? I'm thinking about 42x16 for my mostly flat commute and occasional offroad trips.