Cotic builds (Soul and >X<)

From: Ben
Date: 6 February 2013 21:41
Subject: Cotic builds (Soul and >X<)

Hi Cy and Paul,

For your site perhaps? 

I've now got two black Cotics - a Mk2 Soul ordered direct from you in 2010 and a >X< Mk2, supplied by Bristol Bike Workshop in 2012.   

For my riding, the versatility of a hardtail is ideal and the Soul has been great.  It's happy to perform in any situation from carrying a child seat to an all-day epic and is a very well-made, well-finished frame.  I've built it with a mix of DT forks, XTR go, XT stop, Hope / DT wheels and Thomson finishing.

The >X< is my daily do-it-all bike.  I think there's a lot of demand out there for this sort of machine and I think manufacturers have been slow to respond.  As with the Soul it's a beautifully finished frame in a non-fussy way, with a ride that's much better suited to urban road surfaces than my past racing bikes. It's been a great workhorse and the best thing is that it's really opened-up the kind of riding that I can do; I just love popping down a bridleway or rough lane when I'd be thinking about it twice on a racer.  It does about 10 times the mileage of my Soul, wearing a "Frankenbike" mix of 105 road bits and SLX / XT mountain bike ones.

Keep up the good work!