Cotic BFe

Hi guys;

Just a little story for you. The photo I've attached is of my daughter Grace, who's 9 years old, at the end of the End to End MTB marathon on the Isle of Wight. She rode 26 miles from one side of the Island, (Culver Down), to the other, (The Needles Park). All in the aid of charity, (the Earl Mountbatten Hospice). The route took in singletrack trails across some steep, and gnarly, ups and downs, like a condensed version of the South Downs Way. She was the youngest on the ride by a goodly number of years and earned the only medal that day due to her age. She did this all on her Cotic BFe, (xs frame). She is still stoked with the bike having had it a year now and just wants to say thanks. :-)

Great bike guys, thanks

Tim Cockayne

PS The Hemlock is still going strong and is used regulary in gravity enduros, unfortunately that means no Rocket for me for some time yet ;-)

(NB - We kept the photo back as Grace isn't really old enough to decide whether she wants to be on t'internet yet)