Bristol Racing

From: Brian

Date: 24 June 2013 12:53

Subject: Readers rides ..


I've been enjoying the photos posted online and thought I'd bung a couple of photos your way  

These were taken at races in Bristol. At the latest of these, I was crawling round on a late lap, only to be passed by a ridiculously chirpy Kate from AQR aboard her Soda.

It was nice to have a brief exchange on the climb out of the woods; her parting words as she stormed away from me on the top path were "nice bike".

She's right of course, they are nice and Cotic have supplied the frames I've been riding at our local races in Bristol over the last 5 years. Results have been great - I managed to claw a 4th place as a veteran in the latest 6 hour - and have had some great (mixed pairs) results over recent years with Hanneke and Kath helping nab 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

Of course the joy of a bike like the Soul (or my Simple) is that I can hitch the dog trailer to the same bike that I raced and use it to trundle home afterwards - much to the amusement of fellow racers. 

In the week after, we can meet up again and hack around the rockiest and steepest of local trails  - something I'd be less inclined to do on a precious, race-only 'wonder bike'.

I'm not really a race-head - I just enjoy racing as part of the wider world of cycling and am seriously impressed at the breadth of riding that the Cotic stable of bikes have proven capable of.

Keep up the good work,

Brian "BHB"