Another german BFe addict

Hey Guys,

 I just wanted to give you feedback on that thing you build and express my

hartfelt thanks. 

I'm riding my BFe since nearly two years now. It's my one for all bike.

Although I'm riding 80% locale trails, which are pretty technical, the BFe

must carry me on Downhilltracks, gnarly Trails, Dirtparks, Canarian Islands,

Pumptracks and even sometimes to the ice cream parlor, which surly is 

the hardest job to do! It doesn't matter which conditions - Snowy, Sunny,

Rainy, Misty, Muddy, the BFe calls me:  "let's get out and play!!!!" I'm a 

heavy guy but "in steel  I trust" and my bike  gives  me confidence  t o do all 

I'm thinking off and even more. I left the 40 behind and I wonder who will be

first to strikes his colors, the BFe or me. (pretty sure it will not be the BFe)


 But the most important thing is: It's looking so f**king awesome ;-)


People say "A Picture says more than thousend words":

Attached you have a part of the long story.