Pictures of Solaris (L) and Spec for sale

Our friends at Bike Brechfa are selling off their lovely Cotic demo
fleet. Pick up a lovely bike for a bargain price. A couple of the very
few orange Solaris frames around, so pretty exclusive too.

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From: Carl Denham
Date: 15 October 2012 13:15
Subject: Pictures of Solaris (L) and Spec for sale
To: Paul Dexter


Thanks again for your help on this and I do hope we have helped with
Cotic marketing over the last 18months or so...

Carl Denham
01558 685 811

2012 Cotic Solaris (L)
Marzocchi 44 micro ti forks
Hope headset
Hope hoops pro2 with mavic 719's
Maxxis tyres - ignitor and ardent
SLX discs - 180mm fr 160mm rr
SLX shifters and rear mech
Deore chainset/front mech/cassette
Pro Koryak seat post and stem (70mm)
Pro Vanderham saddle and bars (740mm)
Choice of pedals either shimano PD-M530 Spd's or PD-MX30 flats

Quebec Soul

From: Jean Bellemare
Date: 4 October 2012 00:42
Subject: Re: Cotic Soul
To: Paul Dexter <>

Hi Paul, a few pics from today's first ride for my wife on her new Soul. She couldn't believe how well it rode. She said it's like the best traits from her Ti singlespeed mixed with the best attributes from her Giant Trance. She absolutely loves it. Now I have to find parts for mine. I have a feeling it's going to be the same for me! I'm pretty sure we are the only Cotic Soul owners in our neck of the woods. We feel lucky!!!

Jean Bellemare
Quebec, Canada

Cotic X

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From: Mike Hounslow
Date: 30 September 2012 22:35
Subject: Cotic X
To: Cy Turner <>

Hi Cy
Finally finished the build on Friday - photo attached - Mavic C29ssmax wheels - Avid BB7 - and the components off my last winter bike (which turn out to be Specialized carbon and an old pair of dura ace STIs).  Took it out on the Common Lane Occasionals group ride on Saturday morning.  80 km including the climbs up Abney, Monsall Head and Beeley Moor.  It was absolutely bloody brilliant.  I have no idea what the dodgy review on the web was about:  it rides with the sweet grace you expect from steel, charged right over everything I pointed it at (including the 20% descent through (not around) Cressbrook village).  Steering was perfectly responsive, but dealt nicely with the 40 kph crosswind over the tops.  I probably will shell-out for the carbon forks when you've got them in stock but to say I'm pleased is a huge understatement.  



Spanish Soul

A summary translation.....

" I assembled the bike a week ago, and I love it!!! Aesthetically, I love it, the small diameter tubes, simple but at the same time so elegant. It's very photogenic, but my photo doesn't really do it justice, it's much easier to appreciate in the flesh.

I still haven't really thrashed it. The size is perfect, and it is very comfortable, and as expected, the steel frame absorbs a lot, and it is much more comfortable than my old aluminum frame.......

At the moment I really need to give it a bit more of a thrash to see how it behaves in these situations, but I am not in the least bit disappointed, the truth is that I am very pleased having chosen this frame, and I don't regret it in the slightest.

I attach a photograph before actually trying the bike. No action photos yet because I have only been out on my own so far.

Raúl. "


De: Raul 
Fecha: 21 de septiembre de 2012 a las 11:20 
Asunto: RE: Cotic Soul
Hola Mark, 

perdona por contestarte tan tarde, pero he estado un poco liado. 

Ya monté el cuadro hace algo más de una semana. Y me encanta!!! Estéticamente me encanta, esos tubos finos, sencillos pero a la vez tan elegantes... Lo malo que a mi parecer no es muy fotogénico, las fotos no le hacen justicia, en persona gana aún más. 
En cuanto al funcionamiento, todavía no lo he probado a fondo, solo he salido 5 días pero ha sido por pistas únicamente y salidas de unos 30 km. Pero suficiente para ver que la talla para mi es perfecta, y me ha sorprendido que pensé que me quedaría más pequeño y no es así, engaña bastante. 
En marcha voy muy cómodo y como ya esperaba se nota el acero en cuanto a absorción, lo noto más cómodo que mi anterior cuadro de aluminio, que además yo creo que era bastante rígido de la parte trasera y transmitia bastante las irregularidades. 
Lo que si que he notado es que es más pesado de lo que esperaba. Mi anterior cuadro yo creía que pesaba unos 2 kg y la verdad que este pesa más que el anterior. No se si será que el anterior pesaba menos de lo que pensaba... Pero bueno no me importa. 

De momento tengo que darle un poco más de caña a ver que tal se comporta en esas situaciones, pero vamos que no me está decepcionando en absoluto, la verdad que estoy muy contento de haber elegido este cuadro, no me arrepiento en absoluto. 

Bueno te envio un par de fotos, como estaba mi bici antes y como está ahora para que veas la diferencia y lo que he ganado. La foto es de antes de estrenarla, no tengo fotos en acción porque he salido sólo y no tengo quien me la haga. Pero ya le haré más fotos en el monte. 

Un saludo Mark. 

XS Soul

From: anna
Subject: Bike
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2012 19:43:30 +0100


So I properly tested out the completed bike today. Well Its lovely as expected. The grips are ace and pretty comfy too. Ive lost quite a lot of weight at the front now and I think I can feel that in the handling. Did 22 miles today and my positioning is fine so you can take your mucky paws off my stem! he he. Here are some pics if you want to forward them to Cotic man. Doesnt it look lovely?

Just wanted to say... I love my Soul

From: Hendrik
Date: 27 August 2012 11:29
Subject: Just wanted to say... I love my Soul

Dear Cy, dear Paul,

bought my Custard M MKII Soul 2nd hand in Norwich (from the good folks at Streetlife). Build it up to fairly conventional CC-spec (DT Swiss 1600 wheels, 100mm Magura Durin SL, 70mm stem, 67cm low rise bar, 2.4 Ardent front, 2.35 Rampage rear). (You helped me with choosing the right stem length.) Ran it Singlespeed there, run it geared (XT thumbshifters work just fine with 3x8) since I have repatriated to South Germany.

I have to travel a bit so it travels with me flat in the rear of my hatchback most of the time. Perfect for afterwork rides wherever I am.

Took the bike to the Alps recently. Everybody was amazed how well a hardtail can cope. (Partly because Euro hardtails still tend to be long stem, narrow bar spoilsports.)

I love to ride it, I love to look at it and I love to own it!
Many thanks indeed!


P.S.: Solaris and/or longer travel BFe still on the wish list.

P.P.S.: Next time you go to Norfolk try:
- Wells-next-the-sea and Cley-next-the-sea for more North Norfolk charms
- Winterton-on-sea at the easterly Norfolkian coast for more down-to-earth flair and prices

Classic BFe in the USA

From: Mike Eder
Date: 16 August 2012 23:28
Subject: Re: BFe in the USA
To: Cy Turner <>
Cc: Paul Dexter <>

Hi Cotic People!

It took a bit of time and I finally have the BFe sorted out. I've built it up and have taken it out a few times (much less than I would like).

I find going over obstacles like log piles much easier than my old FS mount. (Old school Intense Tracer) The slacker angles and shorter stem make me go down them with much more confidence! I'm just awaiting a chain guide in the mail to be attached to the ISCG 05 mounts, then it will be complete! 
While I did initially miss the muted trail feel of my old Tracer, I love the way the steel handles more and more each ride! It's responsiveness is second to none and I can't wait to log many miles of varying trails on it.
Great Bike!

There are some pics attached:


Mike Eder
New Jersey, USA

Classic BFe - Chris

From: chris hartshorne
Date: 16 August 2012 10:25

Hi, just thought id send you these if you want to post them up on ya site. By the way the forks are lowerd to 160 :D