Urban Soul

From: Hendrik
Date: 21 February 2013 03:34
Subject: Urban Soul
To: paul@cotic.co.uk

Hi Paul,

with the thaw making the forest trails even deeper I turned my Soul into town to explore the urban landscape a little.



From: Tim
Date: 10 February 2013 18:30
Subject: RE: Framebuilder : X
To: Paul Dexter <paul@cotic.co.uk>

Dear Paul,

After a lot of faffing about with tubeless rims/tyre conversions, various saddles and the delightful nuances of ‘road’ disc brakes, I thought you might enjoy a couple of pics of the finished article.

Only been out once so far, but very please.  Not a weight weeny like my road bikes, but a great go-anywhere steed with a sweet ride and so much cooler than a mtb!

Thanks for all your help.

Best regards



Cotic builds (Soul and >X<)

From: Ben
Date: 6 February 2013 21:41
Subject: Cotic builds (Soul and >X<)

Hi Cy and Paul,

For your Cotic.cc site perhaps? 

I've now got two black Cotics - a Mk2 Soul ordered direct from you in 2010 and a >X< Mk2, supplied by Bristol Bike Workshop in 2012.   

For my riding, the versatility of a hardtail is ideal and the Soul has been great.  It's happy to perform in any situation from carrying a child seat to an all-day epic and is a very well-made, well-finished frame.  I've built it with a mix of DT forks, XTR go, XT stop, Hope / DT wheels and Thomson finishing.

The >X< is my daily do-it-all bike.  I think there's a lot of demand out there for this sort of machine and I think manufacturers have been slow to respond.  As with the Soul it's a beautifully finished frame in a non-fussy way, with a ride that's much better suited to urban road surfaces than my past racing bikes. It's been a great workhorse and the best thing is that it's really opened-up the kind of riding that I can do; I just love popping down a bridleway or rough lane when I'd be thinking about it twice on a racer.  It does about 10 times the mileage of my Soul, wearing a "Frankenbike" mix of 105 road bits and SLX / XT mountain bike ones.

Keep up the good work!



Some glorious pics of sunny Australia and a Rocket.

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From: Tim 
Date: 4 December 2012 10:10
Subject: Rocket
To: Cy Turner <cy@cotic.co.uk>

Hi Cy, Paul and Tom, 

Here's a couple of pics of my Rocket. I couldn't be happier. Took it up and down Mt Stromlo a few times on the weekend. Both the up and the down were an absolute joy!

Thank you all so much,

You can't imagine how difficult it was to find the right mix of burnt black and orange barked trees to match the bike ;-)

Droplink FS Frame Development - Your Thoughts?

Lots of people who aren't signed up to the mailing list have been asking about Cy's email about the FS development this week. Here's the email you're interested in. To keep up with things like this, sign up to our newsletter at www.cotic.co.uk/contact

Subject: Droplink FS Frame Development - Your Thoughts?

Hope you're well and getting out despite the weather. It's really not been good to us this year, has it?
What I'm hoping for with this letter is some help and some insight. I'm going to let you in on a couple of frames we're working on to expand the droplink suspension platform and I'd like some feedback from you on what you'd prefer - if anything - out of the options we're looking at, and if we're not going the way you're interested in, what would you like?

The Rocket has been going brilliantly for us and it's been great to successfully get into a part of the market that Cotic hasn't traditionally found itself in. However, this new area of the market is part of the issue I'd like some help with. Whilst the Rocket is absolutely the bike I wanted for blasting around my home trails of the Peak District, a lot of people we've spoken to seem to think it will be "too much bike" for them. This surprised me a little bit, as I've quite happily put some zippy tyres on mine and shot about on singletrack trails without wishing I was on something else. People really seem to be interested in the idea of the Rocket, with it's steel construction and clean lines, but some feel it's more than they want/need.

Realistically our usual customers (your good self) are hardtail fans, and there is definitely a body of opinion out there that people would rather be ragging a shorter travel bike towards it's limits than going off in search of the lofty limits of a 150mm bike. This being the case, we have had a couple of options on test for a couple of months now and both are getting to the point of being sorted. However, I can't see us doing both of them - not initially anyway - so I'd like some feedback from you. Here are our current development bikes, both 26" wheel before you ask!

1) 125mm travel, 120-140mm forks, very much related to the Rocket with a steel front end and Rocket swingarm with the X-12 axle. 67.5/73 angles with 140 forks, 68.5/74 with 120's. Frame weight in the high 6lbs range. With 120mm forks it's proper nippy at trail centres, with 140mm forks it'll handle the Peak in very much mini Rocket style. Obviously carries the steel front end and aesthetic of the Rocket into something shorter and a little less intimidating.

2) 100mm travel, 100-120mm forks, aluminium throughout, basically Soul geometry. For those with a long memory for Cotic facts, the geometry on this frame is based on the KP24 prototype we did a few years back for Kate Potter to race one. Frame weight is around 6lbs depending on size. 100mm FS frames these days all seem to be either crazy light carbon or jumpy slopestyle. Nobody really makes
a 100mm travel trail FS frame. That could be either an opportunity to fill a niche or a sales disaster waiting to happen!!

Personally, I prefer the 125mm bike. It's something very much like the Rocket experience in a lighter and nippier package, and particularly at trail centres and the like you do feel much less 'overbiked' than riding the Rocket. On the 100mm frame, for me I'd rather ride my Solaris 29er hardtail as I think it does mostly the same things but lighter. On the flipside, Paul (who's 5ft 8in and doesn't really get on with 29ers) thinks it's basically a faster version of his Soul, which therefore makes it brilliant. It's clearly a good bike though, and despite my feelings towards it, I know plenty of people who don't want to go 29".  
Be interested to know your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you.


07970 853531

New Soul - Available Now for £499    

Cotic Ltd | 10 Everard Avenue | Sheffield | S17 4LZ | United Kingdom

Small Blue BFe Ex Demo Bike BRechfa

From: Carl Denham <bikebrechfa@gmail.com>
Date: 22 October 2012 12:14
Subject: Bfe 2 of 3
To: Paul Dexter <paul@cotic.co.uk>

Bfe Small - Blue

Marzocchi 44 micro switch forks 120-150mm
Cane reek headset
Hope hoops pro2 with stand flow's
Maxxis tyres - Ignitor and minion dhf
SLX discs - 180mm rr 180mm fr
SLX shifters and rear mech
Deore chainset (double and bash)/front mech/cassette
Pro Atherton saddle, Bars (745mm) and stem (50mm)
BBB seatpost
Choice of pedals either shimano Spd's or flats


Regards Carl

Ex DEmo Bfe For Sale from Bike Brechfa

From: Carl Denham
Date: 22 October 2012 12:03
Subject: Bfe 1 of 3 For Sale
To: Paul Dexter

Paul here is the first of 3 Bfe's we have for sale.

XS Classic Bfe - Gritstone Grey

Marzocchi 44 micro switch forks 120-150mm
Cane reek headset
Hope hoops pro2 with stand flow rims
Maxxis tyres - high roller and minion dhf
SLX discs - 180mm rr 180mm fr
SLX shifters and rear mech
Deore chainset (double and bash)/front mech/cassette
Pro Atherton Bars (745mm)and stem (50mm)
Pro koryak seatpost
Choice of pedals either shimano SPDM530 or flats MX30


Thanks Carl

Carl Denham
01558 685 811

Solaris - Final Build

Here's Mark's Solaris build. We're loving the Middleburn's + XTR combo. Lovely job.

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From: Mark Thurgood
Date: 20 October 2012 15:29
Subject: Solaris - Final Build
To: "info@cotic.co.uk" <info@cotic.co.uk>, cy@cotic.co.uk, paul@cotic.co.uk


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