Rigid Solaris Bikes

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From: Russell

Date: 17 March 2014 14:20

Subject: Pictures


 Didn’t know if you ever wanted some riders pics

 Here's a happy pair of rock steady lovelies out for a 60 miler


Andy's Escapade

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From: Andy 

Date: 28 March 2014 17:14

Subject: Really happy.

Thanks guys,

The Escapade is a real head turner, I've had a couple of comments already it I've only been out on it for an hour!  Nipped in to buy some shorts from the Tri Shop and the guys were all over it.

Big thanks to the guys at http://www.bikeworkshop.co.uk, namely Chris and Paul for their help and thanks to Tom for accepting some Bristol Pounds.

Cheers Guys :)

One very happy customer.

A proud BFe owner

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From: Ben

Date: 17 February 2014 22:29

Hi Paul,

Finally got the BFe built up after having some issues with the fork. I saw lots of people have sent you shots of their Cotics so thought you might like some pictures of my new favourite thing to do with as you please.

First ride on Saturday, absolutely love it. Thanks for your help leading up to me ordering and good luck with the new product launches this year.


Green Solaris

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From: Robert

Date: 5 February 2014 19:49

Subject: Re: Solaris Order

Cheers Paul 

Been on a few rides on it already, really pleased with it, ticks all the boxes.

Wheels are pretty bad, I know I was warned, I think I might be in touch in a month or two for a set of arches.

Thanks for all your help and would recommend cotic bikes to anyone.


Team blue cotic!

From: Calum

Date: 30 January 2014 18:59

Subject: Team blue cotic!

Hey up, thought I’d share this pic from yesterday of me (with the solaris) and my mate Ewan (with the bfe) up on parka moor in the lakes.  

Proper Tough Soul

Fantastic tough Soul build in Proper Orange with lovely white highlights. Nicest looking Soul we've seen in a while. Thanks Mitch:


No doubt you get 100's of these but I felt compelled to send you a picture of my soul all built up.  Rode it at the weekend.  Looks sweet, rides even sweeter.  Hat's off.

Cotic BFe

Hi guys;

Just a little story for you. The photo I've attached is of my daughter Grace, who's 9 years old, at the end of the End to End MTB marathon on the Isle of Wight. She rode 26 miles from one side of the Island, (Culver Down), to the other, (The Needles Park). All in the aid of charity, (the Earl Mountbatten Hospice). The route took in singletrack trails across some steep, and gnarly, ups and downs, like a condensed version of the South Downs Way. She was the youngest on the ride by a goodly number of years and earned the only medal that day due to her age. She did this all on her Cotic BFe, (xs frame). She is still stoked with the bike having had it a year now and just wants to say thanks. :-)

Great bike guys, thanks

Tim Cockayne

PS The Hemlock is still going strong and is used regulary in gravity enduros, unfortunately that means no Rocket for me for some time yet ;-)

(NB - We kept the photo back as Grace isn't really old enough to decide whether she wants to be on t'internet yet)

Chaingang Solaris

From: Dean

Date: 10 July 2013 20:13

Subject: Cotic solaris

To: info@cotic.co.uk

Hi Paul

 I bought my Cotic Solaris from Dave Gale at Chaingang cycles in Hereford. I was very impressed by his level of service and as he had one himself I was able to test ride before buying. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering buying one. Needless to say I love the bike! 

 Many thanks


Alpine Soul

From: Hendrik

Date: 5 July 2013 15:08

Subject: Alpine Soul

To: paul@cotic.co.uk

Hi Paul,

 don't want to spam you with pics of my old Soul, but still wanted to share these from recent Pass'Portes du Soleil event in France/Switzerland.

[and you don't "have to" publish them on cotic.cc ;-) ]

The tag "No matter what you throw at it - it will cope!" is well deserved. The bike didn't let me down and very rarely felt overwhelmed by what the Alps had to throw at it (running 120mm), while it's tremendous fun on local singletracks (running 100mm) and agile enough for the pump-track.  :-)

Many thanks for this great bike!