MBUK : HOTLINE : mini interview with Cy Turner :

Q) What's new for 09?
A) Lots of cool colours like Espresso and Builders' Tea, on the the Soul and RoadRat
Q) Favourite new product?
A) Cotic Hemlock.
Q) Favourite bike product of all time?
A) Cotic Soul. My first bike design, still mostly unchanged, and still my favourite bike - just.
Q) Favourite place to ride?
A) Peak District, straight out of my front door.
Q) If you could change one thing about your job...
A) The ability to have prototypes as soon as I think of ideas.
Q) If you could have a super power...
A) The DH ability of Steve Peat.
Q) Best thing about your job?
A) Being able to make the bikes I want.
Q) If you could have one bike for the rest of your life...
A) Cotic Soul.
Q) Scariest thing you've ever done on a bike?
A) The Megavalanche. Unless you've been on that start line, you have no idea what fear is.
Q) Why should we buy your products in no more than five word?
A) Best handling frames available.
taken from MBUK October 2009 issue 242