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18th January 2010
A few Cotic things in the latest issue of Wideopen

Sorry if you've seen this already, but we have contributed to a few things in the latest Wideopen that we think you may be interested in...

Keep it Simple Stupid...

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Robbie talks through his unusual Simple build.
Keeping us safe?

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UK based frame designers talk about their experiences working with the new CEN standards.
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Roger's nice new Soul

From: Hirons, Roger
Date: 2010/1/18
Subject: FW: The Bike

Hi Paul 

Finally got my frame built up this weekend now the snow is going.  I noticed the request for pictures on your website, so thought you might like to see the velo nicely offset against some peaky gritstone. 

Thanks for supplying a top frame, im very pleased with the finish and the lacquered over decal was an unexpected treat.  Just need to get it dirty now 



video of cyclo cross race

From: Kate Potter
Date: 9 November 2009 14:15:21 GMT
Subject: video of cyclo cross race

Howdy Guys,

Just so you know I entered two cyclo cross races on weekend and won both. I will have report up soon and send it to you.  Will be racing National Trophy on Sunday, and possibly a race on Saturday too if I can find one that is on.

I will send you some words soon...just have a bit of writer's block right now would you believe...I need to ride my bike :)

Speak soon

A Quick Release Holidays
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Newsletter : Supping up the last of the Beverages

From: Cotic <>
Date: 29 October 2009 11:01:24 GMT
Subject: News from Cotic Ltd


  October 2009 Supping up the last of the Beverages

We're down to the final few of our limited edition beverage coloured frames. And these are a proper limited edition, none of your '1000 bikes' rubbish, we're talking small numbers, properly limited edition, a piece of Cotic history.



We have Medium/Long in espresso, and Small/Long in espresso or builders' tea.  Down to single figures on all of these options, and here's the breakdown of this limited edition:

Espresso RoadRat - 86 (12 in stock)
Builders' Tea RoadRat - 38 (all gone!)

See? Limited.  All the above sizes are available as framesets for £299, or we can build them into bikes for you for £635.

There's been a running change on the bike spec, with the old loose ball headsets being replaced with really nice cartridge bearing Cane Creek S1 units. They're a bit more expensive than the loose balls sets, but we felt it was the only slightly weak part of the build so we sorted it. It's all about the details!

We've also just received a shipment of the fantastic Magura Julie hydraulic disc brakes too, so you can have a disc'd up, virtually maintenance free bike for just £745.

Order a RoadRat
Soul and Simple

As with the Roadrat, we're down to the last few Souls and Simples in the Limited Edition colours.  Current stock is:

Soul:  Small in espresso.
Simple: Small or medium in espresso.  All sizes in builders' tea. 

It's singlespeed season, so why not get yourself something great to ride through the winter on?

Remember, the new Soul is the same great geometry as these frames, but beefed up for 140mm forks. So, if you don't feel the need for forks quite that long, what are you waiting for?!!

The numbers:

Espresso Soul - 30 (1 left)
Builders' Tea Soul - 20 (all gone!)

Espresso Simple - 15 (6 in stock)
Builders' Tea Simple - 15 (8 in stock)

When we say Limited Edition, that's exactly what it is!

Order a Beverage Coloured Soul
Order a Beverage Coloured Simple
Those Colours Again....
Robbie's Builders' Tea Simple

Espresso Flat Bar RoadRat
Hemlock is Back in Black

Due to being flat out on Cycle Show preparation, we didn't really make as much of a noise about this as we should have, but in early September we received our 2010 Hemlock stock.  Frames are largely the same as the ace 2009 version, but with upgraded chainstays and main pivot assembly. They are also equipped with the latest Fox RP23 Boost Valve shock. Finish is anodised black with classy laser etched graphics.

Hemlocks are available from stock in all sizes from £1,080, and we have Cane Creek Double Flush XC (£45) and Hope 1.5 Reducer Set (£63) headset options, and Magura Thor forks at just £540 when purchased with a frame.

Hemlock 2010 - Your Super Versatile Trail Weapon

Order your Hemlock

Blogs - Kate's Winning Season

Kate has had a storming season in which she not only took Cotic to the World Champs in Australia - finishing an amazing 24th - she's also the British National Points Series Champion. Way to go Kate! And just so she 'stays sharp', she's started 'cross racing on the prototype Cotic X. 

Kate Adventures
Kate in winning form.

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